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Hawthorn North and South Golf Club/Intramurals | posted, Thursday, April 06, 17

Hawthorn Golf Club (Middle North and Middle South), usually runs from the end of April through May for obvious weather reasons.  We hold an informational meeting around the second week of April, this also helps us to have a head count.  There will be flirs near the locker rooms, and announcements made during lunches to announce the meeting and activity info.  The program is not a competition program, we do offer opportunities to play at the Municipal nine hole course, but not in a competitive format.  We also use the driving/putting range for practices 1-2 times a week.  We offer basic etiquette and some basic skills work.  For those that are more advanced, it offers multiple days of opportunity to practice.  We try for 1-2 days a week at the range for all participants, and one day a week, or every other, at the Vernon Hills nine hole golf course.

  This is a pay to play program, meaning that on days that we go to the driving range, the kids are responsible for bringing the fee for a bucket of practice balls, or they can bring a ball or two of their own and use the putting green. Players need their own clubs on course days, if they have their own clubs, we offer a place in each building for them to leave them where they will be safe for the day. On Range days, if they want to share with others, they can.  On days that we go to the golf course, they need the fee for the course.  In the past it has been 4-5 dollars per bucket of balls at the range, and 14$ or so for the golf course.  We try to provide a bus to each facility, we ask for a 20$ one-time fee to off-set the bus cost.  We do expect that the students are picked up at the facilities, and on time, there will not be a return bus back to the school.

The Golf supervisors do not claim to be pro’s, we do have some experience and can help with some basics and course etiquette, and to make new players feel more comfortable playing the game. 

Contact John Langelund for Middle South students .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
For North, Contact Matt Cameron .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)